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Memorial Day
To all the men and woman who have served and are serving to protect our country and our freedom. My wife, Annette and myself, want to say THANK YOU!
My grandfather Dr. Benjamin Hoagland D.D.S. served in WWl.
I remember my mother telling me his story when he was in the trenches in the heat of battle with bullets flying everywhere and his comrades dying all around him. Fearing for his own life he made a promise to the Lord that he would serve Him if He would protect him and get him home alive. By Gods grace Benjamin Hoagland did make it home and kept his promise to the Lord and served as the Bexley Presbyterian Church Sunday school superintendent for 31 years. To this day my parents still have his helmet hanging on the family room wall. His helmet has a significant dent in it where a bullet hit sparing his life.
Again to all the veterans, thank you and God bless you.
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Hello from downtown Columbus! May 24, News Flash from Columbus Realtors stated that April 2017 home sales increased 7.1% over April of last year with an average sale price of $215,246.
Thinking of selling? The market is strong, make your move!
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